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Keland Eric

Keland Eric

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Artist Biography

KELAND Eric real names Eric Kayijuka,

I’m singer, song writer and actor. Born 1991, 28th September from Rwanda and Kigali is my hometown

I started  singing in a high school choir. And loved writing songs and perform them in different events at school. My schoolmates and teachers were always happy to hear me singing, and that encouraged me. After my high school, I went to sing in chorale de Kigali where I met one of the big producers in Rwanda known as Maurix. I started to work with him in his studio called Maurix Music Studio, it was in 2011 and we are still working together. My latest song from that studio is entitled “INEZA” and it is really changing my life.

I look up to artistes like Boyz II Men, Josh Groban and Enrique Iglesias

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