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Knowless Butera

Knowless Butera

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Artist Biography

Knowles Butera, born Jeanne d' arc Ingabire Butera, is a Rwandan singer.

 Her stage name is taken from American R&B vocalist Beyoncé Knowles. Butera writes many of her own songs and is known as a strong entertainer famous for her dancing and beauty. Her songs touch on such themes as romantic relationships, societal issues and daily life

Butera was born in Ruhango District on 1 October 1990, the only child of Jean-Marie Vianney Butera and Marie Claire Uyambaje, who are both deceased. Her mother was formerly the lead singer in a local Seventh-day Adventist church choir. Butera attended ESCAF primary school in Nyamirambo, APARUDE secondary school in Ruhango and APACE secondary school in Kigali with a focus on computer sciences and management. As a teenager she sang in the local choir. In 2012 she began to pursue a university degree at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology

Knowles released her debut album, Komeza, in December 2011. Her second album, Uwo Ndiwe, was released in March 2013. Knowles is managed under the label Kina Music.

 She has performed throughout Rwanda and in neighboring countries, including Uganda, and has collaborated with numerous artists, including Rwandans Danny, Paccy, Ciney, Jay Polly, Kamichi and Urban Boyz, and Ugandan group Vampos. She has named Belgium-based Rwandan musician Cecile Kayirebwa and American R&B singer-songwriter Brandy Norwood as inspirations.

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