In Pictures - How Tecno’s Flamboyant event went | eachamps rwanda
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In Pictures - How Tecno’s Flamboyant event went

In Pictures - How Tecno’s Flamboyant event went

On the Friday, 30th of September, it was a big day for Tecno Mobile’s staff in Rwanda as they gathered at Marriot, one of the luxurious hotels in Rwanda to celebrate the channel launch and also toast to the birth of new Twins in their flagship model lane, “the Phantom series”.
As TECNO celebrates its 10th anniversary, the mobile giants decided to launch 2 heavyweight devices, Phantom 6 and phantom 6 plus with each being a giant in its own way. Specs and functionality review will be for another day but for now, allow me show you how the flamboyant event happened in pics

models taking selfies

team pic

For more pics, visit Tecno's social media channels.


10/Oct/ 2016,1 year ago |

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How much is it?
Jean Claude
Bruno!!! good u also saw it. i will never trust them
N'guggi 1 year ago
Guy , this phatom 6 is availble in avery and each tecno shop and outlet, the problem with them, they are bringing phantom 6 plus otherwise people have paid their money
i love tecno but they used their stuff in helicopter ride campaign
pressure high for stella. am sure she must be cuter
Roda come see this let my guy prove his love by buying me phantom
Teta Sah
stella its bad. learn to accept and show respect
innocent kezza
@stella contact eachamps privately instead of dissing live. am sure they will listen
those tecno modes are fake contact me for real models.
this is flamboyant indeed. i love this
hey eachamps, m Denco from Dubai. how do i work with you?!
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