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Tip: Why you should upgrade from quad-core to deca-core processor smartphone?

Tip: Why you should upgrade from quad-core to deca-core processor smartphone?

Many of the consumers seldom mind about phone’s  processor yet its one crucial thing one should consider when purchasing a high-end smartphone and this is the very reason why today, we are focusing on the question many people have been asking before purchasing TECNO’s phantom 6plus    

“What difference will switching from quad-core processor to deca-core make to my phone productivity?

Well. The perfect answer has nothing to do with improved performance speed; not necessarily. Quad core smartphones hold their own in terms of performance speed but one major difference deca-core can bring to the table for super-smartphones is battery life efficiency.

The new phantom 6 plus comes with MediaTek‘s Helio X20 processor which  saves  30% more battery life

Top end smartphones in the past have suffered notable consumer resentments because battery don’t last long even after full charge 
This is what deca-core, which TECNO Phantom6 Plus could be market’s first, will seek to address; working the fine line between hi-performance and battery longevity employs improved process delegation among the tri-cluster ARM A72 and ARM A53 processors. These processors execute phone tasks independently with the core cluster activated based on power demand. This gives deca-core smartphones astonishing battery saver abilities.

Did I mention deca-core give room for AR function on a smartphone? Yep, it does.

Deca-core processor could mean AR-compatible

Flagships are what they are because features like augmented reality (AR) run well on them. The MediaTekHelio X20 chipset is famed for giving Android based devices room for more immersive experience and there isn’t a trendier offering than AR right now. As you have expected from TECNO, the TECNO Phantom6 Plus launched with some cool AR features. And it will be a strong point for the brand.
Finally, overheating issues shouldn’t be more of an ish anymore

We have seen flagship brands struggle to keep cool when multi-tasking starts weighing in. One of the advantages deca-core processor will give a flagship like TECNO Phantom 6 Plus will be little or no overheating when the tasks start piling.

Is it worth the price? - With all that in one device; “AR support, longer battery life, no/less heating problem”, I think you should go for this super cool device and I guarantee you nothing but the real value for your money 
For real market price, visit any TECNO shop for more details

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