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Giant smartphone manufacturing brand joins Rwandan Market

Giant smartphone manufacturing brand joins Rwandan Market

With the internet penetration rate improving and internet becoming a necessity in Africa, Rwanda is not exceptional.

According to hootsuit statistics, internet Penetration in Rwanda is now 27% with over 3.22 million internet users out of the 9.55 million mobile subscribers. The general population of Rwanda is estimated to be over 12.02 million and urbanization being at 30%

In the same sense, demand for smart devices increases proportionally and this clearly explains why smartphone manufacturing giant, Infinix mobile are launching in Rwanda

With a solid record timeline and quality products, this brand will surely be loved by Rwandans as competing brands like Samsung and iphone have not strongly established giving it a window to sink into the market without major resistance. Also considering fact that those ruling the market currently produce mediocre products, this will help Infinix take over easily.

The brand has come on market with 3 models i.e HOT4lite, S2Pro and the flagship ZERO4 plus.

S2pro is anticipated to make record sales as it’s compacted with new features not seen before like the 2 front cameras and the Wefie feature which is already wowing people in Nigeria, Kenya, Eqypt and other over 48 countries worldwide where Infinix has a footprint.

 With wefie, one is able to take group selfies without using a selfiestick and this is indeed a smart solution.

Zero4 plus also rules, as its made of 20.7MP rear camera and 13MP front, along with 4GB RAM and 64GB of capacity combined with a beast processor and other undisputed features.

The HOT4lite is also a solution to the med-range buyers as it comes with affordable technology making infinix an all-round brand in the mobile market

News reaching us is that they’ve already opened shops in Kigali, and they are currently running a promotion at Jand J shop along commercial street where everyone who buys a phone from them wins instant gifts.

 Among its accolade includes “New comer brand of the year – 2016” and “Mobile Phone of the Year-2016”

About infinix

Infinix was founded in 2013 and quickly expanded with innovative flagship ZERO series.

In 2015 NOTE series were also introduced and recorded record sales for HOT NOTE.

In 2016 Global expansion reached 22 countries worldwide including Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia, and Latin America. Still in same year, Youthful “S” series was introduced with HOT S. 

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