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Rap Audios

Bucha Man Dishatta
3,331 plays

Mr Kagame
13,321 plays

King Lewis ft Possible & Marcus
6,998 plays

Shafty Ntwali
10,510 plays

Young Grace
12,356 plays

Jay Cube Yussuf
4,438 plays

Danny Nanone ft Knowless
29,719 plays

Kibra Lumar
51,541 plays

Ama G The Black
16,585 plays

Green P ft Ama G The Black
17,204 plays

Khalfan ft Bruce Melody
38,560 plays

Demallacka ft Mukadaff
9,876 plays

Javanix ft Mukadaff
13,055 plays

Ama G The Black ft Neema Rehema
15,181 plays

Bucha man ft Shafty
4,757 plays

Fire Sky
3,327 plays

Oda Paccy
43,816 plays

Izzy Benz
2,319 plays

Cassandra ft Ama G The Black
12,420 plays

Racine ft G Bruce
13,892 plays

Young Jay ft Tough Gang
7,142 plays

Jay C ft Aime Bluestone
17,620 plays

4,158 plays

PFLA ft Yverry
14,004 plays

Mr Kagame ft Social Mula
27,558 plays

Bulldogg ft King James
42,849 plays

Martin Promoter
5,273 plays

Manamana ft Mico The Best
10,520 plays

30,291 plays

3,284 plays

Ama G The Black ft Bruce Melody & Uncle Austin
18,518 plays

True Boy
8,492 plays

12,632 plays

Riderman ft Bruce Melodie
65,216 plays

K8 Kavuyo
14,101 plays

Mr Kagame
23,098 plays

2,882 plays

8,355 plays

Fire Sky
3,909 plays

Fire Sky
2,319 plays

MC P ft All Rwandan Rappers
19,416 plays

NY Honest ft T- Khela
3,435 plays

Cassandra ft Mukadaff
42,703 plays

2,353 plays

3,226 plays

Neg G The General ft Ama G The Black
20,541 plays

Diplomat ft The Ben
43,287 plays

Ama G The Black
21,048 plays

DS Men
4,726 plays

Ama-G the Black
65,870 plays

Ice Riml ft. MC Tino
8,894 plays

Ice Riml
5,288 plays

Ice Riml
3,569 plays

Ice Riml
2,906 plays

Ice Riml
3,511 plays

Ice Riml
2,894 plays

Ice Riml
2,010 plays

Ice Riml
2,001 plays

Ice Riml ft. MC Tino
2,043 plays

8,607 plays

K8 Kavuyo
43,307 plays

King James ft Bulldogg
68,437 plays

NPC da Crazy ft Safi Madiba
19,796 plays

NPC da Crazy
5,137 plays

NPC da Crazy ft Butera Knowless
9,462 plays

NPC da Crazy
2,668 plays

NPC da Crazy ft Elion Victory
4,351 plays

NPC da Crazy
2,829 plays

NPC da Crazy
2,314 plays

NPC da Crazy
1,844 plays

NPC da Crazy
1,574 plays

NPC da Crazy
1,935 plays

NPC da Crazy
2,011 plays

NPC da Crazy
2,030 plays

Nshizo Exploiter ft Sean Brizz
3,753 plays

Jay Polly
15,477 plays

Oda Paccy
32,608 plays

Manamana ft Niyo Ricky
12,422 plays

22,893 plays

Yvan Buravan ft Uncle Austin
42,331 plays

Ish Teachy
2,388 plays

Ish Teachy
1,878 plays

Ish Teachy
1,910 plays

17,890 plays

1,709 plays

Black Rock
1,885 plays

2,497 plays

Brave ft Maylo
2,788 plays

Brave ft Lucky
2,610 plays

2,792 plays

Ross Kempo
1,641 plays

1,579 plays

Ross Kempo
1,635 plays

2,840 plays

Manamana ft Jay Polly and Emmy Payton
3,634 plays

Manamana ft Emmy Payton
2,249 plays

Manamana ft Patron
1,711 plays

Manamana ft Patron
1,709 plays

2,730 plays

D-Cruz ft Sean Breezy
4,978 plays

2,494 plays

Manamana ft Peace
3,268 plays

21,085 plays

3,816 plays

4,665 plays

BEXxX RHB ft Pacifica, Alan, Shaffy, T Jay
2,822 plays

BEXxX RHB ft Pacifica
2,067 plays

BEXxX RHB ft Declozzy
2,635 plays

Green P ft Manzi
18,913 plays

King James ft Riderman
19,941 plays

Zizou Al Pacino ft All Stars
7,803 plays

Riderman ft Safi Madiba
42,051 plays

8,602 plays

Ama-G The Black
33,093 plays

Jay Polly ft Teta Diana
38,985 plays

Museveni (M7)
7,843 plays

Christopher Muneza ft Riderman
24,686 plays

Nshizo Exploiter
2,602 plays

8,227 plays

Lil G ft Knowless Butera
16,976 plays

Lil G ft Mani Martin
10,732 plays

Lil G
6,061 plays

Lil G ft Meddy
11,981 plays

Oda Paccy
9,827 plays

Urban Boyz
9,313 plays

Danny Nanone ft Bruce Melody
43,572 plays

D Cruz ft Weya
23,249 plays

D Cruz ft Puff G
4,406 plays

D Cruz ft Gisa Cy\'Inganzo
9,679 plays

TNP ft Riderman
8,716 plays

Ama G the Black ft Madiba
16,216 plays

Ama G the Black
10,179 plays

Danny Nanone
17,227 plays

Danny Nanone ft Teta
13,015 plays

10,976 plays

7,513 plays

8,680 plays

5,394 plays

Oda Paccy
9,387 plays

Jay Polly
13,633 plays