Eric Semuhungu umunyarwanda wamenyekanye nk'umutinganyi ari kugaruka mu Rwanda | eachamps rwanda
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Eric Semuhungu umunyarwanda wamenyekanye nk'umutinganyi ari kugaruka mu Rwanda

Eric Semuhungu umunyarwanda wamenyekanye nk'umutinganyi ari kugaruka mu Rwanda

Eric Semuhungu umwanyarwanda wamenyekanye cyane nk'umutinganyi igihe yasezeranaga kubana akaramata nk’umugabo  n’umugore n’umuzungu bahuje igitsina witwa Ryan Hagrave kuri ubu uyu musore ari kugaruka mu Rwanda aho aje mu bikorwa birimo gufasha abatishoboye.

Semuhungu Eric w’imyaka 26 y’amavuko ari kugaruka mu Rwanda mu birori byamuteguriwe byiswe “Meet and Great with his fans” aho bazahura bagasangira bakaganira bakanidagadura.

Uyu musore biteganyijwe ko ari bugere mu Rwanda kuri uyu munsi tariki ya 20 Ukuboza 2018 mu gihe ibirori byamuteguriwe bizaba kuri uyu wa Gatanu tariki ya 21 Ukuboza 2108.

Bimwe muri byinshi bimuzanye harimo gufasha  abatishoboye  ndetse akazitabira n’igitaramo kiri gutegurwa kuri Noheli cya “Celebrities xmass party”.

Eric Semuhungu ni umusore w’imyaka 26 y’amavuko yavukiye mu murenge wa Kimisagara mu mujyi wa Kigali, ni umwana wa kane mu muryango w’abana batandatu abakobwa batatu n’abahungu batatu, yabaye mu bihugu bitandukanye nk’Afurika y’Epfo ari naho yahuriye n’uwahoze ari umugabo we, Ryan Hargrave bakundanye bakemeranya kubana nk’umugore n’umugabo.

Eric Semuhungu na Ryan Hargrave nyuma baje kwerekeza ku mugabane w’Amerika i San Franscico muri Carifornia, Semuhungu yasezeranye n’uyu mugabo w’umunyamerika biyemeza kubana akaramata.

Ubwo uyu mugabo yari yarahariye ubuzima bwe bwose yamaraga gupfa tariki ya 2 Kamena 2017 yatangiye kwimenyereza ubuzima bwa wenyine biba ngombwa ko afata inshingano ze ndetse n’iz’umugabo we wari utabarutse .

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