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Builder wins 915,000 rwf in Airtel’Rwanda’s Byuka uri Millionaire Promo

Builder wins 915,000 rwf in Airtel’Rwanda’s Byuka uri Millionaire Promo

Kigali, Rwanda. July, 2019 – Airtel Rwanda has continued to reward winners of the ongoing Byuka uri Millionaire Airtel Money promotion that is aimed at driving financial inclusion and encourage uptake of mobile commerce services amongst Rwandans

Last Friday, Airtel Rwanda took over Nyabugogo Taxi Park where the event of handing over prizes to weekly winners was carried out. There was a massive turnout as people came to stand a chance to partake in the promo activities. The crowd was entertained by their favourite local artist King James. 

In his speech to the people in attendance, the Managing Director of Airtel-Tigo Rwanda thanked the customers for participating in the promotion and has encouraged them to keep transacting using Airtel Money as an easier way to generate more money. 

“Today we are here to reward more lucky winners as we have been doing for the past month, it is an honour for us all that you keep choosing Airtel Rwanda. Ten monthly winners who are winning 10,000,000 rwf each will also be picked today” said Amit Chawla, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director.

“The campaign encourages customers to embrace a secure way of conducting all their financial transactions using Airtel Money. It is a lesson that we have learned from the past that these rewards have been very impactful for the beneficiaries, their families and their communities” he added. 

All the monthly winners are customers who performed any of the daily transactions and cash in 50,000 RWF and above during the Month. 

“I am grateful to Airtel for this nice surprise. I use Airtel Money my daily life, the most transactions I make are buying airtime, saving and withdrawing money and now all I had to do was to enter in the cashbox and grab more than 900,000 rwf.  My plan is to look for a better house for my mother and sisters as someone who works in construction as a builder, I want my family to never have to pay rent again. I will use the rest of the money to buy a land so that one day I build my own house too” said Emmanuel, a 21 year old who was among the luckiest winners of this past week. 

To stand a chance to become the next millionaire in Byuka uri Millionaire promotion Airtel-Tigo Rwanda customers are advised to make any transaction through Airtel Money. They simply have to dial *182# or *500# and follow the prompts. 

Airtel Rwanda wishes to inform its esteemed customers that this is the only phone number that calls winners: 0722123123

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